Arising Gwadar

The steps towards the development of Gwadar as a port are expected  to bring fruitful results to the state. Pm  Nawaz Sharif’s diplomatic ties with China has brought not less than $46million, which is sufficient enough to meet the  desired goals. Gwadar rests on an ideal location to dock ships and cargo. Which also benefits China as the routes to supply the cargo is minimized and cuts off the travel cost. Gwadar provides a top notch access to the pacific, and can be the next getting great gigantic Karachi in coming decades.

For Gwadar to succeed as a port, multinational companies are being welcomed and advertisement for buying property can be seen in the city. It is a challenge for the government to ensure the foreign companies’ security as Pakistan is considered a state struck by terrorism. Which has cost the life of no less than 65,000 martyrs and made the ever green cricket stadiums with enormous chanting crowd to disappear from the ICC. It is sorrowful to know that this war on terrorism has not even spared the life of our guest Chinese workers. Last month 20 Chinese men working at Gwadar were shot down to death. Even the Chinese president made concerns regarding the security issue.

Developing Gwadar can make Pakistan to have a key role in providing the Asia pacific and western states with oil. Gwadar serves an excellent docking point for oil tankers. There are more than 12 major products made from crude oil and if oil refinery set up there can bring large sums of capital to the nation.  For Gwadar project to succeed, the first step would be to eliminate the terror organizations working in Balochistan. Few weeks back the insurgents from the baloch liberation army beheaded 5 local men working at the port. Such events are seen in Baluchistan since the independence of Pakistan. No doubt there are foreign forces obtruding  in the provincial matters.

Recently Gen.Rahil Sharif issued a statement on ISPR  about sending armed forces to sweep clean the no go areas. This would be the first time in the history of the state that the matters of Baluchistan are being pondered upon by the government.  The anti terrorism operation Zarb e Azab is at its final stages claimed the COAS issuing this statement at ISPR. 90% of the terrorism struck area of North Waziristan is filtered more than 2700 militants have been killed.

With terrorism coming to an end, the economy of Pakistan is making its way to boost and welcoming the foreign investments with arms wide open.


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