Pakistan’s most notorious serial killer relives.

Hassan Bhatti


“Javed Iqbal to be given death by public strangulation and cut into 100 pieces then dissolved into acid” was the sentence given by Judge Allah Baksh Ranja to the Pakistan’s most notorious serial killer and pedophile Javed Iqbal.

Javed Iqbal was found guilty for 100 murders and rape cases, which he himself confessed to the police. Javed Iqbal used to stroll down markets in Lahore in search of orphans and run away children.

The psycho killer would first kidnap the children and abuse them, further he would chop down the body parts and dissolve into acid.

In December of 1999 he dispatched the specifics of his sinful activities in a note book consisting of 32 pages to the Jang group(news group) and to the police, blurting out his crimes.

15 years later in the present year 2015, in a village not far than 60 km from Lahore made appalling headlines, “280 children molested by a group, the victims were video taped for threatening purposes”. Looks like once again the nation has been reminded of Javed Iqbal, the damned one.

While the government officials and opposition sits behind the desk, and play the blame game, there would be victims mourning from the trauma they suffer.

There is no ambiguity that there would be more children being enmeshed by such morbid monsters. No doubt the government failed once again, so let me ask you did we learn from the hideous crime of 1999?

The guilty should be sentenced and made an example of, but most importantly, protection of every citizen and his/her beloved children should be assured.

Try counting from 1-280, it takes approximately 2 min to count but does it take 2 minutes to abuse 280 children while being video taped? No it doesn’t, when the first child was abused, did the parents of the victim file a case?

If yes then how come it took 279 more cases for the police to sort out? If no, then from what fear the parents of the victim didn’t file a case?

These matters are supposed to be pondered upon, no doubt this directs towards the failure of government in order to provide a safe and protective environment.

The Kasur incident shook the nation once again, and every citizen is demanding the authorities to ensure that such incident doesn’t happen again.

This is about time when the government and opposition realize not to be cry kids instead pass resolutions and make laws to prevent these kind of hideous crimes.

One thought on “Pakistan’s most notorious serial killer relives.

  1. The main problem is our corrupt system . These criminals know that that can get away easily after commiting these heinous crimes.


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