Unity,Faith and Discipline

August 14,1947: A new state  emerged on the map of the world, a state on the name of Islam, a state known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After years of struggle and hard work Muslims accomplished in getting  their separate homeland from the Hindus in the sub continent.  A state where the Muslims of sub continent are free to practice their traditions, culture and most of all religion. A land where Muslims of the sub continent would no longer face the hesitation of being demoralized in the Hindu majority society, their children and the future generations would be getting education on the same status as the world’s , people would earn their food , shelter and cloth with equality.  All the blessings are the after-effects of the father of the nation, Quaid-e- azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah). Who endlessly strived for this nation, day and night, faced criticism in his ambition still he formed to adjoin the odd just for the amore and advancement of his adolescent Muslims. Like all other beings Quaid was mortal so he had to depart one day. What he left un comparable lessons for this nation to excel in this world.

But the Question arises, Are we following the footsteps of our Quaid? No power of this world can bring us from the heights of K2 to the depths of Arabian sea, If we follow three words, Quaid stressed upon: Unity, Faith and Discipline.

Where do we see unity in our country in this era? We have developed a sense of hatred towards our fellow citizens in order to present ourselves stronger, physically and mentally. The ones from the lower class, blames the elite for the upbringing of a corrupt society, whereas the elite blame the lower ones for not striving hard. We are divided more than ever. We are divided on the basis of religion, sect, creed and race, still we feel proud of it. We are not willing to leave the old psyche of sects. We are not struggling for the sake of the country but rather for the well fare of our small town or city. The nation wants to stand shoulder to shoulder but the pressure from the foreign forces, who are afraid of our success don’t let us. On the other side of the coin unity is present to some extent, we are the people who will always pick the injured from a road side accident, we stand beside our soldiers fighting for this country. There are strands of unity which can be made into a firm and rigid rope.

Quaid said to have faith in God. On the name of religion we achieved this purpose of an independent state, if we leave faith then the purpose of this state would be demolished and disgraced. Unity works along with faith as our religion also teaches about unity and discipline Faith is the key ingredient for the success of this nation. This is the lesson not just taught by Quaid but even by our Holy Prophet(p.b.u.h) and many other scholars from the past and the present. Without faith, nation cannot be united.

No nation has ever excelled without discipline , and none can imagine success with hem haw in the society. Discipline effects the lifestyle and actions of every individual. As Jim Rohn says “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”. It the fundamental duty of every citizen of this state to act for the betterment of his/her country.

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