5 places to go to – Lahore

Mamo there is nothing in lahore, I like america more” complained my 9 year old niece in the back of the car, “Lets google it up, nawal” I replied.

We are familiar with the situation when our foreign country brought up cousins ask for new and modernized places to go to. Most of us get jumbled, where to take kids in Lahore as they won’t like going to over crowded Fortress joyland or historical places which doesn’t fascinate them much. So here is a short list of places you might enjoy taking your loved ones to.

Safari Park

Safari park is situated on raiwand road, a well maintained road with no traffic issues. Most of 90’s kids are not aware about it, Its an awe inspiring place for a family tour or to hang out with friends. Cruising in your car around fearsome Lions and tigers will give you chills. Kids would surely be astounded to see the king of the jungle roaming closer than ever. There is a bird zoo, where you can wander around with colorful birds dancing at your feet and chirping melodies. The lake at safari park makes it fun for boat lovers. To add some workout, take some sports equipment with you.

DSC_8701 kkk_0

Wonder World

A great concept with an eye catching ambiance. Take your kids there and believe me they would be crying not to go back home. This place offers soft play with a food court and a mini go-cart track. Physical activity is no match for video games, and lets the little ones forget their indoor gaming consoles for a while. Soft play makes it secure for the children from getting an injury, so parents get a chance to leave their kids play in the kids area. Food court offers variety of food to satisfy your taste buds.

Soft play at wonderworld


Don’t worry I am not asking you to take your kids to a war but to an adventure park in Lahore on Ghazi road. Battlefield has it all, fun for kids and for adults. The paintball zone allows grown ups to to have a combat scenario with their loaded paintball guns and army equipment to make it more professional. Where as trampoline jumping, go cart track and zip line makes it thrilling for the kids.  Battlefield offers birthday party celebrations, family events along with concerts.


Race Course Polo Club

Whats better than going for horse back riding on a pleasant summer day. Race course polo club is not a new place, but for the ones new to Lahore, it is a must visit place. With a number of horses available to gallop the track and excite your kids, polo club is an amazing place. Learning to ride a horse can be exciting, no doubt kids would be having physical activity, along with learning centuries old sport. There is a polo lounge at the club for fine dining, with a 5 star ambiance, polo lounge is no doubt one of the top restaurants in Lahore.

Riding horses at the club

Soap football 

For football lovers, try playing football a new way. Slide,glide,jump and fall, that’s all about soap football. The air inflated and polyester carpeted football field sprinkled with soap makes you slide farther than ever. Afraid of getting a bruise? No worries at all, the field is covered with soft play shock absorbent material, won’t even get you a scratch . A separate fut-sol field and cricket net is present to provide a variety of sports.

soap football

Consider these places when taking your kids out. With new great ideas emerging, Lahore is full of prodigious places.

2 thoughts on “5 places to go to – Lahore

  1. Great information. Please write about some nice& clean dining places in Lahore too, as after Punjab food authority’s crack down on most of the restaurants & bakeries , I don’t feeling like eating outside in Lahore anymore


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