Ye kis brand ki shirt hai?

By Hassan Bhatti

27-11-2015(published at 10:30p.m)

“Ye pehlay mein ne pakura tha”! shrieked a woman while landing punches,slaps and pulling hair of an other woman reported Saleem, a customer at the outlet.

No wonder elegant dresses with multiple exquisite shades and prints can bring out the vicious barbaric warrior out of the women in lahore.
This battle took place at a boutique in lahore situated at the popular Mm alam road. The boutique staff buckled under their on sale items soon after opening the gates.
The marching army of heads high, chins to the sky camouflaged in base and lipstick without a spot left behind, plundered the treasures filled with golden threads and plastic beads.

Without even laying their eyes on the items displayed at the racks, these homo-sapiens bumped heads with their owns.
It appeared, they are possessed by the ghost of ever consuming dresses, and why wont they be?
Ofcourse they have to be social with “ye al makhdoom ki lawn hai na” aunty.
Such phrases echoes down the mountains,up to the halls in the presence of our beloved mums, aunties and again aunties.

No doubt these consumer society trends and tactics play a vital role in the progress of our country.
Just imagine where would our stocks be without such lawns? Government is always occupied with the power crises or people rallying here and there and everywhere.
This matter should not be reglected and must be brought under his majesties consideration.
Platforms which offer women to display their used dresses with a bold brand name,glittering on billboards should be initiated.
It is never too late for a good cause. Women can also get the benefit by planning their raids on so called sale dresses in an organized manner.

Till then the outlets at Mm alam, boutiques at fortress, fabric shops of Auriga and Ichra take proper measurements in order to keep peace and harmony. As a wise businessman said “Keemat barhao phir sale pe lgao”.


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