Our Parha Likha Pakistan

Hassan Bhatti


Education has always been the most important pillar of any successful nation and is rudimentary for its progress. It is the basic necessity and right of every individual to be blessed with basic education and knowledge.

If it were not for the education and literacy you received, you would not have been able to read this article. This Great Nation has seen many hardships towards independence and is still suffering to make its mark.

Pakistani nation has muddled through dictatorships and  democratically elected governments; the result being that it has learned to adapt to the ever-changing political and economical scenarios, which without education is impossible to predict and understand.

The Pakistani Rulers, both military and civil, have been extremely negligent towards introducing educational reforms. The literacy rate, which hardly falls at 55% of the whole population, lays dormant, and the need for quality education rises day by day.

Without educational reforms, this great nation has been left behind while the rest of the world is making progress. The Country faces economic crises as the middle class, which is considered to be the back bone of a nation, is being pushed out of existence.

Inflation and ever raising prices of basic commodities due to the loan settlement with the IMF is burdening this Nation to the extent that they forget about education and work as slaves to meet the daily expenses.

In the recent decades, the infrastructure laid down by the previous governments has miserably failed to provide a proper and quality education system to the country. The inaccessibility of the schools for primary education is less than the ratio required.

Whereas the schools present do not meet half way towards the quality of education required. Absence of teachers from the schools is a common practice which allows the element of mistrust take over the child’s parents.

Not to forget, students have been reported climbing out the school walls as a result of frustration from the staff or their own priorities of wandering off as they are not looked after in the schools.  The  management and teachers still get their salaries from the government, no matter they fulfill their duties or not.

There are no personals allocated to keep a check and balance on the schools and if they are assigned duties of keeping a check, they ignore them due to their lust for bribe. The bribe I refer to seems unavoidable to them, without which they can not get their electricity,water or gas connection installed.

One of the major factors which restrain the students from attending the school is the environment. The issue of cleanliness of the class rooms and toilets is highly noticeable, which surely does not fascinate the students when they compare their school to the private schools and their method of teaching.

On the other side of the coin, the bourgeois can afford to send their children to private schools which have international standards so those students excel in their professional life. Pakistan is a country where there is a lot of competition and great struggle is required to get employment.

The employers always want to have the cream working for them, naturally you will never hire a person who will waste your investment, so in this struggle a student with a good approach provided by private schools gets the reward.

Whereas the have-nots have no better option than sending their children to government schools, which surely provides an obsolete pattern of education.

The government schools still cling to their Urdu medium set up, which does not have much demand in the market. The syllabus being taught to students needs to be revised to meet the desired requirements of the  market.

As a person with good communication skills and a good accent would be appreciated more in our society. English has been the official language of Pakistan since the independence, but there seems to be no focus on this language.

The teachers themselves do not have proper command over their respective subjects. The government should have a certain criteria for hiring teachers, apart from their degrees. Their expertise and the way they teach should be kept in focus.

It is often heard that children leave schools because of the fear of being beaten by the teachers or their rude behavior. This matter should be taken seriously.

The present government has introduced new laws against such acts but a proper monitoring system for schools and their staff should be organized and implemented.

An air of “emergency” to improve and modernize the educational system should be introduced in the country for a better future of the nation and the state.






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