Wounded Musalman of Europe

Hassan Bhatti


Muslims traumatized by the French officials, following the Paris attacks in November 2015.
The largest minority group of Muslims in western Europe, which accounts for almost 7% of the total population have never been suppressed as much as after the Paris attacks.

On the basis of suspicion, the French police is taking harsh measures against the Muslim community.

In some cases people were tortured both mentally as well as physically. Victims of such unlawful harassment are having a hard time to cope up with their daily lives.

According to the reports published by Al-Jazeera, there are above 18 families, who have been exploited by the French officials. Muslims claim to be facing difficulties while going for their jobs, schools, colleges and community gatherings.

A state of emergency was declared by the French President Nicolas Hollande in November 2015, The emergency time period was set up to be of 3 months. The emergency would expire on Feb 26th.

In this time period of 3 months, more than 3,000 raids are carried up till now by the French officials. Around 300 have been put under house arrest, and 20,000 under investigation.

The traumatic event in November lead to the growing of Islamophobia throughout Europe. The question arises from the victims of these unlawful harsh interrogations is “Should they not fight back for their dignity?”.

Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, there was a fresh wave of Islamophobia in France, home to 5 million Muslims. Ever since it is getting more difficult day by day for Muslims to live there and carry on with their lives.

france 1The beard, a holy symbolic representation of Muslims is seen with cynicism. There have been numerous crackdowns at the mosques by the French police.

Even stabbing of Muslim women wearing hijab and painting of red cross on the walls of mosques has occurred.

In order to counter terrorism, more police has been deployed with more arms and vast powers, such as, arresting without any judicial warrant.

According to the charter of Human rights laid down by the general assembly of UN. “Everyone has the right to food and dignity”. Anyhow dignity here seems to be unaccountable for the Muslims living in France.

The bill passed on Wednesday by President Nicolas Hollande call out for excessive harsh measurements to be taken in order to provide security for the nation.
With all of these counter terrorism mechanisms in effect, there hardly seems to be any chance of mishap.

If such measurements are not side stepped by the French government, there will surely be resistance by the Muslim community living in France.

Not in the form of ISIL or any other terror organization but instead in the form of growing acrimony for now.


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