Catch me If you can at FC college


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players                                         They have their exits and their entrances                                                                                                 And one man in his time plays many parts”     (William Shakespeare)

Fake Kaptaan Sajjad was welcomed by the students of FC college lahore on 17th of feb 2016 to motivate students regarding a fund raising program for the IDPs. Sajjad impersonated as an on duty captain of Pak army. He dressed up his army uniform and boots, to rock and roll at the FC college.

Mr Sajjad so called kaptaan Sajjad for the audience and our respected guests revived the memory of world’s famous trickster Frank Abagnale.

Kaptaan  Sajjad was given a bouquet of flowers, welcomed by the intellectual students of FC college. He was given a proper protocol and lunch too.sajjad receiving flowers

Di Caprio posed as a pilot in the movie “Catch me if you can”, so did Kaptaan Sajjad in this version of his own movie shot at FC college Lahore.

Sajjad was welcomed by the character building society to deliver a speech and collect funds for the poor IDPs of the Bajaur agency and regions suffering from war on terror.

So what if Sajjad made them look like a fool to the whole world, got money on behalf of his fake identity and simply flew away without doing any harm. Isn’t everyone trying to do the same, one way or an other?

sajjad posing with the peopleThe actual problem lies when it is heard that such a trick was played on the university staff and students of a very famous and old university. So, God bless the remaining students like me and you.

You don’t get smart by just getting education. That’s why they put the question/answer session at the end.


Sajjad giving lecture to the eager students Kaptaan Sajjad gave a speech to the anxious students, who were quite inspired till the end.

Inter-Services Public Relations posted on 21st Feb on it’s Facebook page about this character and made it clear that Pakistan army is not involved in any fund raising activity.

While being 15 Frank Abagnale  was travelling around the world being a fake pilot and printed fake cheques. He repeated the same for 6 years of his life until he was caught at 21.Then he was offered a job at CIA for training the officials.

But I feel terrible for Sajjad who would just end up bribing the police and getting bankrupt.

The amount collected from the students by Sajjad is still unknown, he also had a bank account number for this purpose.

The university club even prepared a banner for their special guest.sajjad poster

Sajjad later had tea with samosas and some other snacks not captured by the camera.

No wonder it was a very good day for Kaptaan Sajjad to rock the FC college. Given protocol, flowers, delivering a speech and having tea with the staff which most of the students sometime dream of.

Anyhow it is a proud moment for the nation for raising such brilliant minds and a moment of silence for the students of CBC students.

sajjad having samosa

Signing of with some butt ke samosas, ciao.





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